This delightful couple were one of our first residents at BCAC. Madeline recently received her MFA in Sculpture from Utah State University and Jon received his MFA in ceramics also from Utah State University. While at BCAC Madeline worked on a new sculpture installation and Jon made tons of pottery.

Madeline’s comments about her stay at Buffalo Creek Art Center:

“All the resident artists, the studio, & the surrounding Sierra Nevadas made this an unforgettable experience for me. It felt like a dream from the time I arrived. Buffalo Creek was a place for me to explore new ideas, produce a body of work for an upcoming show, and ultimately learn a great deal from the artists around me. The proximity of the resident house to the studio was perfect for all of us. It was such a privilege to be immersed in this beautiful place with diverse, driven, and talented creatives.

To say that I would return if given the opportunity would be an understatement! I have never had such difficulty leaving a place I had known for a fairly short length of time. I have much respect and gratitude for all that this experience has given me. Huge thank you to Steve, Lana, Bill, Mel, and the 2017 resident artists for everything.”