John is an international artist working in many different mediums. His project, Helix was an amazing, thirty foot tall wood sculpture that John had designed some time ago and agreed to build for the BCAC Sculpture Park.

John’s comments on his experience at Buffalo Creek Art Center
“I arrived at Buffalo Creek Art Center after having a residency in China so it was a charming re-entry to American Western Culture. To have morning coffee on the veranda of the residency house overlooking Carson Valley, watching the sunrise over the distant mountains, and watching the changing light and color on the native sage, aspen and other indigenous life, was profound to put it lightly. Like some of the other artists I had an arrangement with the Buffalo Creek Art Center to produce a sculpture for the newly commissioned sculpture park. I am fortunate that my professional practice stiches together residencies and commissions internationally, and I can say quite honestly, how everything and everyone affiliated with Buffalo Creek Art Center is truly above par. It’s always a delicate balance giving artists the intense solitude they need to focus and develop their work, while at the same time, giving them the institutional and logistical support they need to realize their projects. With the presence and experience of Bill, to the warmth and generosity of Melody, to the uncanny ability of Steve to know just when to show up for a chat, to the sparky nature of Pepper to lighten anyone’s mood, and of course the caliber of the fellow artists in residence, I can fully say how much I appreciated the time at Buffalo Creek Art Center. I’m honored that my Helix sculpture is one of the first of many sculptures to be added to a collection, and I excitedly look forward to the curatorial and practical developments of the program as the years go on. My deepest gratitude to all for making it happen, and I wish all future residents an incredible experience at Buffalo Creek Art Center. Go out, go into the wild, and find yourself again.”