Douglas’s amazing project is a hammered and chiseled metal elephant. Except for the tips of the ears and the tusks everything is made from one sheet of 1/8 inch thick plate steel.

Doug’s comments on his experience at Buffalo Creek Art Center:

“Buffalo Creek Art Center was my first experience as an artist in a residency, and I was worried the nature of my work would create problematic obstacles but it did not end up being a problem as Buffalo Creek Art Center worked with me at every step of the way to help provide what I would need to solve my challenges. The staff was very flexible and helpful and the grounds where flexible and accommodating. The work environment is almost as distraction free as you could want out of a program like this, and the eastern Sierra mountain environment the grounds are located on provide a very beautiful place to lose yourself to your work. The facilities are pretty well flushed out for fabrication and have a fair amount of space to grow, and a fair amount of room for someone to bring their own tools for specific custom work needs. The program even has a vehicle for the artists to use to do supply runs which was a life saver when I had to repair my own vehicle onsite. The living quarters are more than suitable and very comfortable with a perfect view for sunrise watching from the kitchen right out over valley.

In short the good folks who run Buffalo Creek Art Center are friendly, professional, and flexible. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there to work and couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to work and grow at Buffalo Creek.”