Christina who was trained and worked as an architect now creates architectural sculptures using paper as her medium. During her residency she created three amazing sculptures.

Christina’s comments on her experience at the Buffalo Creek Art Center:
“This was my first residency as an artist, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My stay was for six weeks. In so many ways the experience was extraordinary.

As a paper sculptor, my media is quite different from many of the other sculptors who were there with me at the same time. I was given many options of where I could work, and I chose to work on the mezzanine level above the main workshop. It was an excellent area, as I could open the double doors to the outside (view of the apple orchard and the 3 tallest peaks in the Lake Tahoe area)! I also enjoyed being in the workshop with the other artists, watching their work progress for inspiration. I can’t comment on the equipment for the metal and woodworkers, the shop is four large bays, for very large scale projects. The owner, Steve is a sculptor himself, so is sensitive to the artists’ needs.

For me one of the best things about the residency is the setting. The artists’ house is beautiful and spacious. The views are spectacular over the Carson Valley. The property is amazing: the orchards, the ponds and creeks, the nature trail and the wildlife. The property is within walking distance of two trailheads, miles of trails on the slopes of the Sierras. Getting out in nature helps me to figure out creative problems, so it was key! The caretakers of the property are lovely, generous and professional. The environment was very conducive for seclusion to focus on your work. And, when you want to socialize with the other artists, you gather over dinner and exchange ideas. We also took a few “artist excursions” to some surrounding towns steeped in 19th century history.

The experience couldn’t have been better. I would most definitely recommend this little slice of paradise for a sculptor wishing to focus on one’s art without distractions.”